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Ocean Gallery print information

Our range of limited edition prints are produced to the highest standard and great attention to the quality of the prints is paid so that you get the best print possible.

The prints themselves are on differing media from Professional Swiss 280gsm Photo Paper for the majority of Will Calver’s limited edition Prints to 330 heavy duty rag paper for the majority but not all of L.Douglas Horman Limited edition Prints.

The Inks used are said by the Manufactures to last up to 100 years provided they are kept in good condition (ie out of direct sunlight). For even better archival preservation we recommend framing behind UV resistant glass as this removes 98% of the harmful rays that can over the years fade the print.

Will's limited edition prints are of a series of 500 copies each, individually signed and numbered. They do vary in size but as a rule come either as large or XL. In total regardless of size of print there will only be 500copies produced.

Doug's prints are all individually sized.


If you want more info on a particular print or photograph please e.mail us and we will be happy to answer your questions







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